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Kebbi Air S
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Service Robot
Waiter Configuration

DIY Assembly

Advantages of the NUWA Robotics Platform

Integrated R&D +
Scale Manufacturing = Save Lots

Lots of Modules,
Lot of Applications

Very dramatic artistry,
Very engaging interactions 

Fast setup,
Fast ongoing customization 

Robot as a Service

RaaS Platform

Robot + Software + Content + Leasing + Maintenance

Powerful web tools put content and service flows to work pronto; leasing and service plans available–everything you need to integrate robots at the lowest possible cost

Our Products & Services

We provide an affordable, modular, and easy-to-implement robotics platform that can be used in ANY service-providing situation.

We provide a STEAM + AI learning curriculum for ages 3 to 16. Learning managment and account management solutions are also available.

We make robots for very large well-known global companies on an OEM/ODM/JDM basis. We can also customize the exteriors and AI dialogue models for large orders of our own robots.

  • ODM / OEM / JDM

  • NUWA Robots

  • Education Curricula

  • RaaS Platform (WebTools)

  • Robot solutions

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