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Received over 90% of positive ratings from across the globe.
Recognized by over 500 academic institutions and 10,000 families.

 “Kebbi’s interactive instruction is very much like playing games, and allows children to naturally engage and immerse themselves in learning.

——— Isao Matsumura, the President of AMERICA-YAMA GARDEN ACADEMY

Kebbi Air 凱比|各大教育專家認證最完整的 STEAM 教學夥伴
中華機器人教育推廣學會競賽指名使用,全台累計超過 1,000 名學童參賽,競賽過程充分鍛鍊和應用邏輯思考力

Comprehensive STEAM Learning Companion

CREA Chinese Robotics Education Association Creative Coding Kids Competition

Unlike in other similar events, which focus solely on the accuracy of coding, children are encouraged to embody the spirit of STEAM & Project-based learning, and come up with innovative ways to utilize Kebbi Air’s sensors, motors and other hardware. Over 1000 students participated in the competition, and brainstormed creative solutions for better human-robot interactions!

  • Education

  • Large-scale competition

Eye-catching and Interactive Helper

Customer Engagement at RT MART Neihu

Kebbi Air has an uncanny ability to attract customers! Create an easy-going and personal shopping experience for your customers. Kebbi can detect the gender and age of customers, and customize the shopping experience through animated movements and expresisons. Kebbi can also help employees by taking on more routine tasks, optimizing the service & efficiency of your business, and raising productivity!

  • Service

  • Customer Engagement Mode

有著細膩表現力、豐富 AI 感知、主動語音對話,Kebbi Air 凱比能自然地與人互動,創造最有溫度的服務體驗!

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