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Kebbi Air S

An educational/companion/service robot for all scenarios

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NUWA Robotics – A Leader in the Robotics Industry

“A robot companion for everyone”

We believe that in the future, robots will become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Apart from convenient functions, robots can also fulfill psychological needs through in-depth emotional interactions, providing more personalized support and companionship, and creating happiness for people.

Kebbi Air S 多場景應用的 AI 服務陪伴機器人|STEAM教育、視訊遙控、攬客接待、英文學習、即時測溫、醫療長照

Kebbi Air S

All New Enhanced Performance

An AI service robot companion for all scenarios that provides a diverse range of experiences, including home companionship, education and learning assistance, as well as business services. Use the NUWA cloud-based development tools to customize according to individual needs, and create an interactive experience like no other.

  • Home Companionship

  • Educational Collaboration

  • Service and Reception

  • Performance Creation

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Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator

Designed for robot lovers, this product allows users to enjoy the experience of painting their robot from scratch. They can also create unique expressions, movements and dialogue, as well as use a wide range of cloud-based development tools and the MQTT protocol to build many more AIoT applications!

  • Assembling and Painting

  • Maker Development

  • Interactive Experience

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Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 智能機器人組裝套件|組裝、外觀改造、智能互動、展演創作、創客開發

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