Robot companion for all your learning needs

Integrated learning, service and performance
to give you a helping hand with all your educational needs.

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Kebbi Air
is Your Own Expressive & Fun Companion

With fine-tuned movements, AI sensing capabilities, and an active voice system, Kebbi Air can interact with people naturally for the most personal experience.

Converse with You According to Your Needs

Kebbi Air can answer all of your questions, and will actively converse with you to recommend content and information you might need, creating a more well-rounded and personal experience.

Wide-Ranging Applications & Easy to Integrate

Kebbi Air has an easy-to-use developer’s system, allowing for high customizability and function extension. Extensive IoT support affords instantaneous integration and application.

Rapid Development, Application & Deployment

Comprehensive API, SDK, content development tools and business management system that are easy-to-use and widely-applicable, making for a vividly interactive experience.

Bring Kebbi home today for less than the price of a smartphone!

Get a revolutionary interactive experience like never before!

  • AI Voice System & Object Recognition
  • Customizable Dialogues & Accessories

  • Voice Activation & Sound Orientation
  • Voice Activation & Sound Orientation
  • Movement, Touch and Facial Recognition
  • 7″ Multi-touch Display

Kebbi Air 凱比是你最生動有趣的夥伴

Let Kebbi Air help you out!

Kebbi Air 凱比是你最生動有趣的夥伴


Multiple AI Functions and Sensors for a More Comprehensive Learning Experience

Twelve free-moving joints, five sensor regions, and over 40 million possible coding-block combinations create the perfect interactive learning experience. A wide variety of ways to present teaching content & materials can inspire children to learn and have fun, and cultivate their logical thinking skills and design mindset. You can equip your children with the core skills that are vital to succeeding in the 21st century, allowing them to communicate and coordinate within a team, think independently, and develop valuable problem-solving skills.

Adheres to the K-12 curriculum to provide valuable assitance to teachers

From knowledge to interdiscplinary instruction, Kebbi Air can assist students according to their age and learning needs, helping them advance through progressive learning goals. Kebbi can also serve as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) to alleviate the burden on teachers and increase learning productivity!


Facial Recognition & Active Voice Interaction Creates a Personalized Experience

Kebbi can chat with customers in real-time, detect their age and gender, and provide assitance through a wide-range of expressions and movements. Allow Kebbi to help greet and bring in customers or introduce the products to create an eye-opening shopping experience for your customers.

Complete System Management & Support for Heightened Productivity and Efficiency

Kebbi Air’s Robot Management System (RMS) allows you to manage and update all robots remotely, saving time and effort spent training each robot individually.

Kebbi Air 凱比是你最生動有趣的夥伴