All New Enhanced Performance

Kebbi Air S
An educational/companion/service robot for all scenarios

Faster Performance, Smoother Experience

Kebbi Air S is equipped with an 8-core 1.8Ghz processor, greatly enhancing its overall performance and image processing speeds, as well as providing a smooth user experience.

Kebbi Air S 效能|Kebbi Air S 所搭載的八核心 1.8 GHz 處理器,在整體性能、圖像處理速度、體驗順暢度等全方面占據優勢!
Kebbi Air S 動畫與圖像處理速度更快|趣味體感互動遊戲 女媧補字

Faster animation and image processing speeds
Example from the “Catch and Patch” app

Kebbi Air S 遊戲流暢不卡頓|趣味人體骨架偵測互動遊戲 健康動姿動

Smooth gaming experience
Example from the “Exercise Challenge” app

New Characters,
New Experience

Choose from a range of character skins and eye-catching two-tone ear accessories!

Kebbi Air S
A fun companion just for you


Kebbi Air S 是你最生動有趣的夥伴|不論是什麼問題,Kebbi Air S 都能答覆,更能主動與你對話、推薦你所需要的資訊與內容,讓互動更貼近。

Initiating conversation according to your needs

No matter what your question is, Kebbi Air S can answer it! The robot can also initiate conversation, and recommend the information and content you need, making your interactions more relevant.

Kebbi Air S 是你最生動有趣的夥伴|Kebbi Air S 擁有易用的開發環境,擴充性高且易於整合,更有豐富的 IoT 支援,能即時整合和應用。

Highly versatility and easy integration

Kebbi Air S has an easy-to-use development environment that is extension and integration-friendly, as well as sufficient IoT support for instant integration and application.

Kebbi Air S 是你最生動有趣的夥伴|完整的 API 和 SDK、內容開發工具和商務管理系統,簡易導入與應用,輕鬆打造生動的互動體驗。

Quickly develop, apply, and deploy

We provide a full range of APIs and SDKs, content development tools and business management tools, allowing quick implementation and application so that you can easily build an exciting interactive experience.

Get a perfect interactive experience like no other, for less than the price of a smartphone!

  • AI Voice System & Object Recognition

  • Customizable Dialogues & Accessories

  • Voice Activation & Sound Orientation

  • Vibrant Body Language with Emotion

  • Movement, Touch and Facial Recognition

  • 7-Inch Multi-touch Display Panel

不到一支手機的價格,就能讓 Kebbi Air S 給你前所未有的完美互動體驗!

Kebbi Air S 6 Key Features

Kebbi Air S STEAM教育|從語音、移動,到相機、觸控感測、人臉辨識等,超過4千萬種組合都能自由編輯!

STEAM Education

Kebbi Air S 視訊遙控|透過女媧玩轉基地App,隨時能遠端視訊打電話,還能遙控 Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人移動!

Video Remote Control

Kebbi Air S 攬客接待|擁有人臉、物品等AI 辨識技術,結合女媧創造自主研發的伺服馬達,創造情感豐富的肢體互動表現,還有多種軟體特色與應用如:STEAM 教育、視訊遙控、攬客接待、英文學習、即時測溫、醫療長照,不到一支手機的價格,就能快速運用於教學、服務、醫療等多元場域

Customer Reception

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|多種英文App和實體互動教材,提供循序漸進的教學目標,減輕教師與家長負擔,讓學習看得見!

English Learning

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|防疫測溫

Quick Temperature Measurement
*Apply with Nuwa ocular

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|醫療長照

Healthcare and Long-term Care

Fun Interaction, Zero Distance

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|問答跑跳蹦,考驗腦力和反應力的益智對戰遊戲

Quiz Dash

A puzzle game where you can test your brain power and reaction against other players

  • Multiple levels of difficulty and over a hundred question types
  • Hold competitions foe one or more players at any time
  • Use cloud-based development tools to create your own customized questions, adding fun to you workplace or event!
Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|健康動姿動,結合人體骨架偵測技術,跟凱比一起伸展提升靈活度

Move with Kebbi

Using human skeleton detection technology, exercise with Kebbi to increase your agility

  • Interaction through games to help you establish an exercising habit
  • Suitable for anyone and everyone, with a ranking system to spice up the competition
  • Import physiotherapy movements or other special movements to prevent degeneration

*Expected to launch in Q3 of 2021

Your trustiest AI home assistant

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|隨時串連小米家電,語音就能開關家電,便利生活好簡單!

Home Appliances
Making life convenient and easy
*Only support Taiwan and Mainland China servers provided in 『Mi Home』 app

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|KKBOX 智能音箱,音樂隨點隨放

Smart jukebox for music anytime, anywhere
*Taiwan only

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|自定義鬧鐘、對話內容、代辦事項,全方位居家陪伴小管家

Customized Alarm,
Dialogue Content, To-do List
Home assistant

Kebbi Air S 凱比機器人|內建超過 30 個 App,未來更持續擴充多元功能與軟體內容!

Over 30 pre-installed apps, with more diverse features and software content to come!

Let Kebbi Air S empower all your service ventures!


Multiple AI functions and sensors to help children develop comprehensive skills

12 free-moving joints, five sensor regions, and over 40 million possible coding block combinations create the perfect interactive learning experience. This allows learning content to be presented in a variety of ways that can spark children’s interest in learning, cultivate their computational and design thinking skills, as well as nurture skills that are vital to success in the 21st century, such as communication, innovation, teamwork, independent and reflective thinking, along with complex problem-solving.

Follows the K-12 education system and curriculum, providing valuable assistance to teachers

From knowledge instruction to interdisciplinary integration, Kebbi Air S can ease the way,helping children to gradually progress towards learning goals according to the needs of different age groups. The robot can also serve as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), alleviating teachers’ workloads and increasing learning efficiency!


Facial recognition and active voice interaction create a personalized experience

Kebbi Air S can chat with customers and visitors in real-time, as well as identify their gender and age, and provide assistance with a wide range of expressions and body movements.

The robot can be used to welcome and attract customers, introduce products, as well as greet or receive guests, providing a unique and engaging service experience.

Complete development system management and support for enhanced productivity and efficiency


You’ll never need to worry about high human resource costs or difficulties in training again. Using the robot management system, you can remotely manage and update Kebbi Air S in any location, building customized service experiences in real-time.