Serve & Bus Solution

Labor shortage? Soaring labor costs?

Most affordable, flexible, user-friendly, and lively Robot Waiter!

Most Affordable

The most affordable leasing program on the market with trial period included

Most Flexible

Configure hardware and software to your scenario

Most User-friendly

Human-factor engineered for use and operation

Most Lively

Not just a delivery vehicle, but a performer!

Flexible “Hamburger” Modular Architecture

Maximize cost performance by meeting the needs of diverse business service scenarios with ONE unit

NUWA Serve & Bus Configuration Basic Functionality

A service run from punch in to service completion

Five Common Restaurant Operating Modes

Delivery Mode

Robot delivers to multiple destinations and returns to starting point.

Cruise Mode

Robot cruises a preset path picking up or delivering; makes optional stopovers at designated locations.

Performance Mode

Robot delivers to multiple destinations and returns to the starting point.

Return Mode

Robot picks up from multiple destinations and returns to dish pit.

Express Mode

Robot travels directly to a single destination and remains there.

Level up with NUWA BizTools

Design Your Own Character

Use Skin Editor to make a custom face for your business; change external colors and accessories to give your rep a unique look; customize trays, cup holders or other parts.

Expand Service Flows

Use Roflow to create engaging interactions with customers. Connect to IoT devices for even more environmental involvement. Whatever you can imagine…

Provide Remote Support

Connect with live support or control the robot remotely via video.

Optimize User Experiences

Log customer interactions to understand habits and behavior; continually optimize to provide break-away service. 

Ready to meet your robot staff?