Download NUWA Space

NUWA Space
Use Kebbi with NUWA Space for a better experience! You can control and call the robot remotely, browse through the photos Kebbi has taken, and many more fascinating functions waiting for you to try out!

Download the App
Click on the App Store button below to install the app for your Kebbi. We recommend the parental control settings available in NUWA Space.

Download NUWA CodeLab Air

NUWA CodeLab Air
Personalize and control your robot through the easy-to-use puzzle interface on CodeLab App. It includes a wide variety of robot movements, expressions, sounds and other materials so children can code their own programs. The app will help your children explore their creativity and gain a competitive edge in the coming age of AI.

Download the App
Children can enjoy learning about coding on smartphones and tablets as well! Click on the App Store button below to install the NUWA CodeLab App. *Note: Each robot model has its own app, so make sure you are downloading the app suited for your robot.