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Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator
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Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|創造屬於你自己的機器人

“If you could have a robot friend, what would it look like?”

Everyone’s dream robot looks different, but most robot kits only let users assemble the robot and use basic functions. They cannot create complete interactive content, expressions and movements, or change its physical appearance.

“Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator lets you build your very own robot!”

Powered by our love for robots, Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator is based on our best-selling Kebbi Air model, and built for all robot lovers. This product allows you to experience the fun and joy of building and painting a robot from scratch. You can also design unique expressions, movements, and dialogue, creating your very own AI robot friend!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator

A robot kit that allows users to enjoy creating

You don’t need to be an engineer or a coding expert. With a screwdriver and our cloud-based development tools, you can easily design your robot’s facial expressions and body movements, as well as create dialogue scripts and use other interactive applications!

If you’re an advanced user with a lot of experience, you can also use the MQTT protocol within the web version of CodeLab to connect to development tools such as Micro:bit and Arduino, and create many more AIoT applications.

Product Description

Appropriate for: ages 12 and up

Product Contents:

  • 1 AI Robot Building Kit
    List of main parts
    Outer case parts
    Connection cables for skeleton parts, screws
    Head panel
    Microphone array module
    Servomotors x12
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB-C charger cable
  • Charger
  • Toolbox (includes screwdrivers, pry bar, and tweezers)
  • User Manual
  • Silicone ear accessories


  • 12 servomotors
  • 6-microphone array
  • 7” touch screen
  • Android 9 system
  • Qualcomm 8-core processor
  • 32 GB storage
  • 9100 mAh lithium battery

Robot Functions:

  • Chinese-language smart audio interaction
  • Dance Editor
  • Video Call
  • Voice-activated camera
  • Games, Stories, Dance
  • Content Shop

*Includes 30 pre-installed functions and entertainment apps

Mobile Apps:

Nuwa Space (iOS / Android)  >> Download

Nuwa CodeLab (iOS / Android)  >> Download

Nuwa Cloud-based Development Tools:

Lite Version includes:

  • Skin Editor (Beta)
  • CodeLab (Web Version)
  • CodeLab 3D Simulator function (Worth NT$200)

Standard Version also includes:

  • Trainkit (2-year license, worth NT$2400)
  • Content Editor (2-year license, worth NT$2000)
  • Brevity (2-year license, worth NT$2400)

Product Appearance

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|創造屬於你自己的機器人|產品規格

6 Key Features

Experience 1: Alterations

“Can I change the robot’s appearance?”

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|外觀塗裝|設計模板 (.ai, .pdf),方便你做塗裝計畫。我們也有獨立販售外殼零件,不怕你改壞!
Paint the Casing

Templates (.ai, .pdf) provided so you can easily create a paint design. We also sell the outer case parts separately, so don’t worry about mistakes!

*Photo is of product customized by user, and not the original product

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|燈光遮罩|隨機五款胸口燈光造型遮罩,也提供檔案 (.ai, .dxf),讓你自己設計!
Light Shades

5 random chest light shade designs. Template files (.ai, .pdf) also provide for you to design your own!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|開源 3D 列印配件|提供多款頭部配件的 3D 列印檔案,任你自由修改及列印!
Open Source 3D-printed Accessories

Various head accessory 3D printing files provided, so you can modify and print them as you wish!

Experience 2: Assembling

“From furniture to computers, models to cars, there’s a romance to DIY assembling.”

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|包含骨架、外殼、馬達、線材、電路板等,共 107個零件。不同於一般模型玩具輕薄纖細,拿在手上,你可以感受的零件的厚實感,這是我們對於機器人品質及強度要求的用心。
107 Parts

There are 107 individual parts in total, including the skeleton, outer casing, motors, cables and circuit boards. Unlike most model toys which are thin and delicate, you can feel the sturdiness of these parts in your hand. This reflects our high standards for the quality and strength of our robots.

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|說明書是組裝體驗很重要的一環,我們提供圖文並茂的組裝說明書、完整的組裝影片,還有專人客服團隊,即時回應組裝疑問!
User Manual and Technical Support

The User Manual is an important part of the assembling experience, so we’ve provided a detailed manual with illustrations, along with a video of the complete assembling process. Our designated customer support team is also ready to answer any questions at any time!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|包裝內含一個配件盒,裡面有螺絲起子、及輔助工具鑷子及拆棒,更棒的是,我們將所有的螺絲,依規格進行分類,讓玩家組裝的更有效率!
Complimentary Toolbox

The product comes with a toolbox that includes a set of screwdrivers, tweezers and a pry bar. What’s more, we’ve also arranged all the screws by size and type, making it more efficient for users to assemble their robot!

Experience 3: Smart Interaction

“What do I do when I’m done assembling? Can I play even if I don’t know how to code?”

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|視訊通話|可與手機 App (玩轉基地) 進行遠端視訊通話,還可以進行簡單的動作操作,讓遠端視訊增加更多互動樂趣。
Video Call

You can start remote video calls with the mobile app (Nuwa Space), and also control simple movements, adding more interactive fun to your video calls.

  • Control the robot to move around
  • Control the robot’s head (camera) movement
  • Play movements
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Robot Creator 可以聊天,詢問天氣、新聞、百科等資訊。也能隨時透過語音啟動及操作內建的 APP 及內容。
Voice Functions

You can use Robot Creator to chat, as well as check the weather, news, encyclopedias and other information. You can also use voice activation to open and use the pre-installed apps and other content.

  • Audio chat
  • Voice-activated camera
  • App and content calls
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Robot Creator 的軟體系統與 Kebbi Air 教育版幾乎相同,內含許多兒童教育內容能遊玩體驗,是說服老婆大人購買的好理由!
Games, Stories, Dance

Robot Creator’s software system is nearly identical to the Kebbi Air Educator Version, and includes plenty of educational content and games for children, which makes it a worthy investment!

  • Slick dance moves
  • Vivid story performance
  • Fun interactive games with the robot

There’s More!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator include a 6-microphone array, which can clearly “hear” you speak.It can engage in smart voice interactions, such as chatting with you, checking the weather, and answering encyclopedia questions.The image recognition function can recognize objects and human faces, with the capacity of recognizing 300 daily life objects and 50 human faces.

In addition voice interaction, there are also 30 pre-installed functions and entertainment apps!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|具備 6 顆陣列麥克風,可以清楚聽到你說的話!進行智能語音互動,與你聊天、問天氣、回答知識百科問等。影像辨識還能夠進行物品及人臉的辨識,可辨識超過 300 個日常物件,人臉辨識可建立達 50 筆。

List of Apps and Functions

Nuwa Theater|Sing and Dance|Pet Achievements|Pet Accessories|CodeLab|Dance Editor|Video Remote Control|Nuwa Camera|Nuwa Store|Connect to Robot|Nuwa Alarm Clock|Command List|My Downloads|User Manual|File Manager|Who’s Smarter|Q&A Bonanza|Catch and Patch|Fun with BBQ|Heads Up|Ruby English|LiveABC Learn with Alphabet|Interactive English for Kids|Beginner’s English|GEPT Questions|City Adventure|Fun with Writing|I AM Not A T-Rex|Yo-yo Maths for Kids|Magic Lottery Box

Kebbi’s Interactive Skills

Chat|Encyclopedia|Weather|Alarm|Exchange Rate|Weight and Measures|Math|News|Time|Translation|Music

Experience 4: Performance Creation

“How can I create my own unique AI robot?”

We’ve provided easy-to-use cloud-based development tools, so that you can design animated facial expressions, dialogue interactions and body movements for Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator, and quickly create all kinds of performances!

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Skin Editor 臉譜編輯器|即時創作與更新個人化的角色動態表情 透過臉譜編輯器,你可以創作自己想要的臉部造型,要原創還是致敬惡搞,由你決定!
Skin Editor (Beta)

Create and update your custom facial expressions anytime

Using the Skin Editor, you can create whatever facial expression you want. Whether it’s a fun face or a silly face, you decide!

*Needs to be used with Photoshop or Illustrator

  • Real time animated interactive expressions
  • Real time mouth movement when speaking
  • Three types of facial features to choose from
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Trainkit 對話訓練室|文字輸入問答Q&A,即設計與機器人的多輪互動體驗 和一般聊天機器人不同之處,對話訓練室能讓 Robot Creator 不只是回答語音內容,還能加入生動的肢體語言,創造更有趣的人機對話體驗!

Enter Q&A text to design multiple rounds of interactions with the robot

Unlike regular chat bots, Trainkit allows Robot Creator to not only reply with audio content, but also add lively body language, creating a much more entertaining chat experience!

  • Fuzzy language matching for more natural conversation
  • Reply with images or video
  • Design multiple rounds of dialogue
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Content Editor 內容編輯器|懂基礎剪接,就能做出最細膩的機器人展演 如同影片剪輯軟體般容易上手的編輯器,提供超過 350 個動態表情素材、500 個動作素材,可以快速創作各式各樣細緻生動的機器人演出!
Content Editor 

Create detailed robotic performances with basic editing skills

Content Editor is as easy to use as your regular video editing software. It provides over 350 animated expressions and 500 movements, allowing you to quickly create many different robotic performances in stunning detail!

  • Hundreds of native assets and movements open for use
  • Time series concept-based 3D robotic performance editor
  • Preview production results in real time
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|Brevity 簡報工具|讓傳統圖文,化為有互動性的機器人娛樂表演 產品介紹、導覽、繪本故事等都能利用簡報工具加上語音及肢體動作,讓 Robot Creator 幫你生動的展演發表,還能加上選單及問答,與觀眾互動。

Turn regular images and text into interactive and entertaining robotic performances

Add audio and movement to product presentations, guided tours and storytelling with Brevity, and let Robot Creator help you give a rousing performance. You can also add selection menus and questions to interact with your audience.

  • Use speech synthesis and the movement library
  • Add interactive instructions, menu pages, multiple-choice questions and true/false questions
  • Supports miracast functions

Experience 5: Maker Development

“I already have many Arduino and Micro:bit packages. Can I integrate them with Kebbi Air Robot Creator?”

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|CodeLab 程式實驗室可以利用 MQTT 傳輸協定,可與其他開發板進行連動,不論是 Micro:bit 還是 Arduino 都沒問題,將智能機器人融入你的 AIoT 創意場景中,讓應用更生動!還能透過 MQTT 設置與 Siri 及 OK Google 其他語音助理進行連動應用。
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|CodeLab 程式實驗室是一款線上圖像化程式編輯工具,不需要會寫程式語言,只要透過方塊的拖拉組合,就可以創造出精彩的機器人互動。

CodeLab is an image-based online code editing tool that does not require any knowledge of programming languages. All you need to do is drag and group various blocks to create fun and exciting interactions for your robot.

  • Voice and image recognition, AI blocks enable more variation in interactions
  • Simulator shows real time editing results and effects
  • Supports MQTT, allowing cross-device control and connection
Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|CodeLab 程式實驗室可以利用 MQTT 傳輸協定,可與其他開發板進行連動,不論是 Micro:bit 還是 Arduino 都沒問題,將智能機器人融入你的 AIoT 創意場景中,讓應用更生動!還能透過 MQTT 設置與 Siri 及 OK Google 其他語音助理進行連動應用。
MQTT Support

CodeLab can use the MQTT transmission protocol to connect and sync with other development boards, such as Micro:bit or Arduino, allowing the AI robot to integrate into your AIoT creative scenarios, adding more spice to the application!

You can also connect with Siri, OK Google, and other voice assistants through MQTT configuration.

Kebbi Air S – Robot Creator 機器人組裝套件|舞蹈編輯器|設計機器人的動作不用再編輯算密密麻麻的數字參數,編輯器可以直接記錄下擺弄動作的過程,變成你創作的動作素材,俏皮的舞蹈、魄力爆表的必殺技模仿,都可以輕鬆創作!
Dance Editor

No need to make yourself dizzy wrestling with numbers and parameters to design your robot’s movements. Dance Editor can directly record the movements you make as you handle the robot, and turn them into movement assets that you can used to easily create quirky dance routines or powerful battle moves!

  • Servomotor movement feedback recording
  • Assets can be used in CodeLab


Q: What if the robot doesn’t move after I’ve assembled it?

A: As long as you follow the user manual to assemble your robot, there’s a 99% chance it’ll be able to move.

Robot Creator is based on the Kebbi Air Educator Version, which has been tried and tested in the market for eighteen months, so the hardware is well-developed and stable.

Q: Can I play even if I don’t know how to code?

A: Yes! You can instantly experience all features right after assembling

A customized Android system is pre-installed in the robot, making it ready for use right after assembling.

If you’re familiar with program development or are eager to learn, you can use the web version of CodeLab (or our SDK for more advanced users) to unleash your creativity!

Q: Is this product kid-friendly?

A: Appropriate for ages 12 and up

There a a number of steps in the assembling process, and the product includes many small screws/parts, as well as requires the use of screwdrivers, tweezers and other tools. Also, some parts may need extra force to install or remove, so it is more appropriate for adults and children above age 12. Children below the age of 12 will need to play under adult supervision.

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