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Why have over 700 schools chosen to implement NUWA robots?

Immersive AI + Gamified Learning

The only STEAM + AI computational thinking early education enlightenment content combined with themes from daily life so that children enjoy learning

Content covers multiple topics related to early childhood and encourages children to apprehend key skills and be curious to learn on many fronts

USA Computer Science Teacher’s Association-compliant, graded instruction that provides progressive learning objectives based on the needs of students at all ages

Creating interesting story situations immerses children in the education process and deepens their motiviation to learn

How hard is it to start a programming class?

We’ve put a whole semester of classes together for you!

NUWA specializes in the teaching of computer programming “enlightenment,” using common life experiences and everyday logic, moving from simple to deeper analogies, so that enthusiastic teachers can easily just follow the Teacher’s Guide to lead students to coding and STEAM epiphanies.

NUWA’s proprietary robot teaching system provides progressive learning objectives according to the needs of students at each level

Kebbi can do more in your classroom.

Hands-on! Not just for STEAM

Besides curricula for STEAM, NUWA’s cloud-based development tools turn Kebbi into a teacher’s assistant for any subject! Create in the cloud, deploy on the robot.

Brevity Robot Presentation Tool

Students can become the creators, giving talks using Kebbi and NUWA presentation software. Student work can be shared across the school, and of course teachers can build presentations as well. Screen can be cast using an optional Miracast dongle.

Content Editing Tool

Students become screenwriters and directors using NUWA content editing sofware. Using the intuitive timeline interface, ready-made or self-created materials, and drag-and-drop robot motions, both students and teachers create dramatic performances.

Quiz Dash + Quiz Editor

Students can design questions to show their knowlege of assignments, or teachers can design exciting multimedia quizzes to test lesson comprehension. Play 1-on-1 or head-to-head.

MakerBase Sharing Platform

Students share their creativity with the community, building confidence and learning from each other. Share code, skins, stories and more.

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I manage multiple schools in a district. Is there a solution that makes life easy for me?

EZ-to-Manage, Highly Integrated Cloud Platform

Integrated SSO Accounts

Easily integrate Kebbi login into your existing account management system

API Integration

Customize student reports and data

District Task Manager

Send out tests, competitions or activities to schools across a district

NUWA Class

A learning management platform where students can access the robots and teaching software needed for the class and create the exercises assigned by the instructor.

Robot Management System

Enables teachers to share robot materials or projects generated by different tools and to remotely batch manage robot devices in schools.

Building AI School Education Together