Developer Info

Give rein to your imagination and create an app with NUWA robots that can be integrated into people’s daily lives.

NUWA’s developer tools allow you to add to and extend the functions of NUWA robots. While our users learn through conversation and game play, as a developer you can integrate the files and tools available on the platform with your third-party service , creating an unforgettable experience for the users.

Animated AI Voice System

NUWA SDK allows you to access AI modules with ease:
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
Comprehensive Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Natural Gestures & Movements

Built-in Micro Control Unit (MCU)
Supports 360° rotation
Multi-angle range of movement for all joints and more!

Convenient Developer Tools

An array of extensions and tools currently available,
with more content & program development tools coming soon!

Download SDK

Quickly access NUWA Technology with the easy-to-use SDK,
and add it to your Android Studio or Unity IDE.